Questions & Answers

Where are the Wells available?

We’re based on the Gold Coast and supply our Wishing Wells to Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales customers.

We deliver!

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver to customers on the Gold Coast or we can make other arrangements for individual bookings.

Please note: an additional charge may be required for deliveries, depending on delivery address.

How much does it cost to hire a Wishing Well?

Tell’s Wells are fantastic value for one of the best Wells on the market.

It’s just $60 to hire a Well.

Please note that a $100 deposit is required. This will be refunded when the Wishing Well is returned undamaged.

What size are the Wishing Wells?

The base of Tell’s Wells is 30cm wide and 30cm high.  The total height of the Wishing Wells is between 65cm and 73cm depending on the design.

They weigh between 6 – 8kg and will hold up to 150 standard envelopes.

They’re quality and sturdy Wells that won’t get knocked over.

How many cards/contributions can we receive and how big can they be?

Tell’s Wishing Wells have a 15cm slot and a secure collection area that will hold approximately 150 standard envelopes.

We hope you have to empty the Well 3 times during the evening! ;o)

Are the Wishing Wells secure?

Each Wishing Well has a hinged lid and can be securely locked with a padlock (we’ll provide the padlock).

We are planning a big night.  How soon after our event do we have to return the Wishing Well?

We understand that the last thing you want to do the morning after a great celebration is return equipment.

That’s why we base our standard hire on a pick up/delivery on Friday and return on Monday.

We understand there may be times when returning Monday isn’t convenient – no problem.  Just talk with our friendly staff and we’ll make things as easy as possible.

Do you provide the decorations for the Wishing Well?

We have a lovely range of vines to decorate your Well with, in a variety of colours (at no extra cost).

You are also most welcome to use your own decorations so you can match your theme.

We also provide white and silver buckets to choose from.

We just ask that when decorating the Wishing Well that you do not put anything on the Wishing Well that will leave a mark (i.e. pins, nails, tapes, glues).

How can I pay for my Wishing Well?

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards (we can process via PayPal), cheques (made out to Tell’s Wells) and cash.

Is my booking secure?

To guarantee availability for everyone, you secure your Well when full payment is made.

Can I buy one of your Wishing Wells?

Sorry, but at the moment Tell’s Wells are only for hire.